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How to claim private health insurance rebate

You can see what tier you fall into in our Private Health Insurance Rebate 2018-19 guide below.
If you have a, lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading, the rebate is not claimable on the LHC component of your premiums.For example, by limiting the number of people needing to use public hospitals, and reducing long waiting lines.Tier 1 90,001-105,000.943.180.415, tier 2 105,001-140,000.471.707.943, tier 3 140,001 or more 0 0 0, source: Australian Tax Office.Base Tier 2, base Tier 3 *The family income threshold is increased by 1,500 for each discount tickets for great lakes science center child after the first child.A copy of the.These thresholds apply to couples, families and single parent families for the 2018/2019 financial year.What if I pick the wrong tier?See how much you could save with iSelect.For families with children, the thresholds are increased by 1,500 for each child after the first.There are a number of reasons why the Private Health Insurance Rebate was introduced in Australia.If youre a single parent family or a couple (including de facto relationships youll be treated as a family for Private Health Insurance Rebate purposes.If you choose to get it as a discount on your premiums, youll need to fill out the Medicare Rebate Claim Form, and give your health insurance fund your estimated income.When you complete your income tax return, the ATO will review the rebate tier you elected against your taxable income.If you make more at the end of the year than your chosen tier, youll have to refund the amount that you incorrectly received through the rebate with your tax return.What rebate are you eligible for?Step 1: Select the income threshold that applies to you.If you do this you may need to pay back the difference over and above your entitlement in the form of a tax bill when you lodge your tax return.If you do this you should see the difference returned to you when you lodge your tax return.Aged 65-69.651.180.707.Rebate for couples, families and single parent families (based on the age of the oldest person on the policy and your combined annual taxable income Australian Government Rebate, combined income for the 2018/2019 financial year.
Why is there a Private Health Insurance Rebate?
What happens if you nominate the wrong tier?

The table below will help you to work out the rebate that applies to you from If your income falls within the thresholds, you can nominate your rebate tier with us and start saving on your premiums.
More information These Rebate percentages are set annually on 1 April by the Federal Government.
There are specific rules for calculating income for Medicare Levy Surcharge purposes.