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4 types of gifts for christmas

From soft toys to slime kits, these gender neutral picks are ideal for any toddler, child or tween.
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Heidi Loughlin, blogger of Storm in a Tit Cup.
I go big at Christmas and absolutely love buying presents for people.No-one wants their children to be disappointed or have to deal with undue peer pressure.This is THE present the expensive christmas gifts 2016 toy they really really want!Why I like the four gift rule.The best in Christmas clothes for men, gadgets, tech, drinks and days out, find something for your father, brother or best mate with this handy wrap-up.Have you heard of the four-gift rule?I have three granddaughters and four children to buy or make for.If a child really wants a toy that costs 25 is it fair for a sibling to want a games console of 400?Top Secret Santa ideas for the office party.Get in touch with BBC News via Twitter, Facebook or email, chris Frost, blogger of NewDad.Wear, this is some new clothes, which my son will throw to the side (unless theres a superhero emblem on the front) and my daughter will get very excited about demanding she wear it straight away.We spent a fortune on them, on toys that they rarely played with.Not because of the quantity as such, but because of the tradition - we always open stockings together in the morning in bed, even though my daughters are now 14 and 21, and they always have a pile of presents under the tree each that.The best Christmas gifts for children.The best gifts for the joker in your life.Christmas though, this can be the present from Mum and Dad and it is usually a bigger shared present.I have about three boxes full of stuff under my bed already.