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300 win mag vs bear

There are also lots of good quality.308 caliber bullets to choose from, so you shouldnt have much trouble working up a custom load that shoots very accurately in your chosen rifle.
308 vs 30-06 vs 300 Win Mag: Rifle Bullet Selection.So, weve covered how these cartridges are similar, but how are they different?The Winchester Model 70 Super Grade illustrates these differences well.The same goes for red stag, tahr, fallow deer, chamois, and most wished for gifts other game you might encounter on a New Zealand hunting safari.For this reason, the.300 WSM packs almost the same level of performance as the.300 Win Mag into a package only slightly larger than the.308 Winchester.If you do not intend to use the rifle for hunting the great bears (grizzly, brown, or snowmobile giveaway 2018 Polar then why not go with something of less power to begin mething bakers rewards plus such.308,.30-06, or even the.280 and.270?Then, in 1943, Roy Weatherby began to introduce a series of magnum level belted rifle cartridges based on standard length cases so that they could be cycled in standard length actions.Written by Bill Bernhardt, bill Bernhardt is a professional outdoor/wildlife writer and is a professional fly fishing instructor and guide as well as a professional hunting guide.Bullets for the.308 Winchester tend to be on the lighter end of the spectrum: 110-180gr with 150gr, 165gr, 168gr, and 180gr bullets being the most common and the occasional 200gr load thrown in for good measure.If he is an experienced shooter with medium caliber center fire rifles, then it probably would, otherwise it may not.308 vs 30-06 vs 300 Win Mag: Similarities.